Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Happy birthday! Spam!!!!?

So, it was my birthday fairly recently, thank you, and while checking through my Google Mail spam folder I noticed several emails wishing me a "Happy Birthday" but which seemed to come from sites/organizations/addresses etc that I didn't recognize.

This got me thinking.

Is there any spam floating around which tries to use birthdays as a social engineering vector? Obviously you have a one in 365.25 chance of that person having a birthday on the day they receive the spam email (plus or minus a few days and assuming of course uniform distribution (which isn't the case I'm sure, but I think spammers could probably time things quite well) and that the spam makes it through whatever filters). Even with those odds working against the spammer, is the potential increased click-through/purchase etc worth it? In fact, if this Birthday distribution is anything to go by then I should imagine that September offers better than 1/365 odds.

Has anyone seen this sort of "vector", does it exist?

Just a thought.


BTW, I think those emails I saw were things I had signed up for with my address.
If so, hopefully I don't have to worry about it for another year or so...

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